How Does Cross-Selling Insurance Products Benefit Policyholders?


    How Does Cross-Selling Insurance Products Benefit Policyholders?

    In the world of insurance, the art of cross-selling can unlock significant benefits for policyholders. We reached out to Insurance Agents and industry founders to share their experiences, highlighting how strategies like combining life insurance with annuities to enhancing coverage with multi-car discounts have offered substantial advantages.

    • Combine Life Insurance with Annuities
    • Save Money with Bundled Policies
    • Build Trust Through Cross-Selling
    • Enhance Coverage with Multi-Car Discounts

    Combine Life Insurance with Annuities

    Imagine a strategy that secures your retirement income (like a guaranteed $2,000 per month) while protecting your loved ones financially. This is the power of combining life insurance with annuities! Life insurance provides a payout to your beneficiaries upon your passing, ensuring their financial security. An annuity, on the other hand, helps you build a steady stream of income for your retirement years. By integrating these products, you create a well-rounded safety net, addressing both immediate and long-term financial needs.

    Nick Schrader
    Nick SchraderInsurance Agent, Texas General Insurance

    Save Money with Bundled Policies

    Bundling your home and auto insurance can be a win-win! Many insurers offer discounts, like one customer who saved a cool 15% by bundling. Plus, bundling simplifies things by having just one company to manage both policies. It's a convenient package that saves you money and keeps things organized. Here's a tip: When considering bundling, be sure to compare quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you're getting the best deal. So, why not bundle and get great coverage at a lower price?

    Amber Benka
    Amber BenkaInsurance Agent, California Business Insurance

    Build Trust Through Cross-Selling

    When we look to cross-sell products, it opens the customer's mind to being able to look to us as a trusted resource for all things we do.

    It is easy to check the boxes for an auto insurance quote, but letting it evolve into more is a special skill that takes practice and trust on the consumer's part. This may be most beneficial for the customer when you are protecting them from things they never even thought of; then they will realize they don't have to worry about the unknowns.

    Take the time to mention the best things YOU do and pivot to those when you can. It will yield great results.

    William FieldsOffice Operations, State Farm

    Enhance Coverage with Multi-Car Discounts

    Once, a policyholder purchased an auto insurance policy from us. Later on, he decided to add a new vehicle to his household. I saw this as a chance for cross-selling and suggested combining the new vehicle's insurance with the existing policy. I explained to the policyholder that by bundling both vehicles under the same policy, he could benefit from multi-car discounts, simpler billing, enhanced coverage, and lower premiums compared to having separate policies for each vehicle. It can also protect him against incidents such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters, providing a double layer of security for the vehicles.

    Samuel Greenes
    Samuel GreenesFounder, BLUE Insurance of New Jersey