What Creative Marketing Tactics Attract New Clients to An Insurance Business?


    What Creative Marketing Tactics Attract New Clients to An Insurance Business?

    In the competitive world of insurance, standing out to potential clients requires creativity and strategy. We've gathered insights from Brand Managers and Insurance Agents, who share their unique tactics. From forging strategic partnerships to hosting educational insurance workshops, discover the top four creative marketing tactics these professionals have successfully used to attract new clients.

    • Forge Strategic Partnerships
    • Engage with Personalized Videos
    • Initiate Community Social Challenges
    • Host Educational Insurance Workshops

    Forge Strategic Partnerships

    Many insurance businesses—especially local insurance agents—fail to think outside the box when it comes to getting attention from new prospects, and instead fall into the trap of doing the same old traditional marketing tactics. While traditional marketing is still a valuable way to drive new business, recently we've seen more marketing success through strategic partnerships. This could take the form of working with sites that are already in front of your target audience, like insurance comparison sites, partnering with related businesses to refer their clients to you at their point of sale (POS), or something else entirely.

    The key is creating sustainable, mutually beneficial partnerships that can introduce you to new clients and scale as needed. A lot of our insurance provider partners see success when they implement this fresh approach to attracting new clients to their insurance business.

    Alyssa Dicrasto
    Alyssa DicrastoBrand Manager, Rate Retriever

    Engage with Personalized Videos

    One creative marketing tactic we have used to attract new clients to our insurance business is leveraging personalized video content. By creating videos that address specific customer needs and questions, we have been able to engage potential clients more effectively. This approach not only differentiates us from competitors but also helps build trust and rapport with our audience, leading to increased client acquisition rates.

    Amber Benka
    Amber BenkaInsurance Agent, California Business Insurance

    Initiate Community Social Challenges

    One creative marketing tactic we've adopted at Blue Insurance involves leveraging community engagement through social media challenges. We initiated a 'Safeguard Your World' campaign, where participants shared unique stories of how they protect what's most important to them, be it family, home, or personal achievements. By tagging us and using our campaign hashtag, entrants stood a chance to win monthly safety-oriented prizes. This amplified our brand presence and allowed us to connect on a personal level, showcasing our commitment beyond just providing insurance—to building a community deeply invested in safety and protection. The response was overwhelmingly positive and attracted new clients intrigued by our genuine approach to insurance.

    Samuel Greenes
    Samuel GreenesFounder, BLUE Insurance of New Jersey

    Host Educational Insurance Workshops

    One creative marketing tactic I've used to attract new clients to my insurance business is hosting educational workshops. These workshops cover topics like understanding different types of insurance coverage, how to choose the right policy, and common misconceptions about insurance.

    By providing valuable information in a low-pressure setting, I'm able to position myself as a knowledgeable resource. Attendees appreciate the helpful insights and often reach out later when they have insurance needs. The workshops allow me to connect with potential clients face-to-face, build trust, and demonstrate my expertise, leading to new business opportunities.

    Nick Schrader
    Nick SchraderInsurance Agent, Texas General Insurance